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What’s the point of going back to work after staying home for five and a half years if you can’t indulge a little?  So I treated myself with these!   Remember I was kicking myself for not buying all sizes of dpn’s last time?  I fixed that.  Got them at eBay for $43.50- 8 sets of 5, 7-inch in length, needles in sizes 4-10 1/2.  A word of caution about auctions…before you know it, the bidding price can go so high you might as well buy retail.  I think I came out ahead because the larger size ones can sell up to almost double my auction price per set at a store.

Shortly before I bought the needles I also bought enough yarns from Knit Picks for 3 projects.  If they had all the colors I wanted, I would have bought enough for 5 projects!  I guess I can wait on some of them as I still have a few projects to get to.  I finally caught the “stash” disease.  Never thought it’d happen to me.  But don’t you just love the self-striping sock yarns with such gorgeous colors?  Ever since the shipment arrived, I’ve been itching to start on those even though I was trying hard to finish a project already in progress.  I finally gave in to the urge and did a swatch which satisfied my “appetite” for now. 

The yarns are:

Felici with Provence colorway for Jaywalker socks.

Swish Superwash Worsted weight colorway Wisteria (lavendar) for a shawl.

Comfy colorway  Blackberry for a skirt


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