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Increase stitches, sometimes written as inc in short in patterns, were harder to learn for me than decrease stitches.  I didn’t quite understand how to knit all of them by just reading different instructions; I needed either videos or still pictures taken at the appropriate moments, especially for yarn over (YO).   Here are again my own pictures for my own information (my own “knitting for dummies” if you will) and hopefully they will help some others along the way as well.

YO (yarn over)- I always forgot which direction to bring the yarn around when I first learned and when the instruction said bring yarn forward, I couldn’t decide if it meant forward away and ahead of me which would bring the yarn behind the needle, or if it meant forward in front of the needle.  I needed to look at pictures to confirm so here it is:

 Bring yarn to the front of the needle, and then over the needle.

 Knit the next stitch after the yarn over.  In this picture I just started to knit the next stitch by inserting the right needle tip into the loop.  Notice the YO doesn’t quite look like a complete stitch yet.

 The next stitch is complete.  The YO is the one that is slanted on the needle and is the increased stitch.  Knit it like a normal stitch when you come across it in the next row.

The YO creates a hole in the knitted fabric and is a standard stitch for lace knitting. 

More increase stitches will be added soon.


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