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Blog Revisited

I can’t believe it’s been 5 months since I last blogged.  I had hoped to keep up even though I took on a temporary job in June last year.  As my job assignment is coming to an end soon, I am finally able to think about other things again besides keeping up with the daily grind of home and work life.

Going back to work was exciting at first.  Get assigned tasks; get them done; get paid.  No resistance, chaos, or disorder, so I thought.  The novelty soon wore off though.   After the initial nice-to-meet-you, what-can-I-help-you-with phase, the familiar competitive, everyone for himself, pointing fingers work environment appeared again.  It reminded me why I left that world 7 years ago and renewed my appreciation for my family.  Still it was nice to make some extra spending money, especially during this economy. 

On the knitting side, I have started quite a few projects with all of them completed at different stages.  They do wonders in clearing my mind of unnecessary worries.   The projects that currently sustain my feelings of calm and peace are:

Revontuli, Kusha-Kusha, Snowball Hat, Gathered Pullover, Calorimetry.


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